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Al Reda Digital Printing


Al Reda Digital Printing

Our new digital printing machine provides digital quality art on any plain surface of Glass, Aluminium, Metal, Wood or Laminated sheets of any size for Decorative purposes. CLients orders are handheld with high standard and perfection. We undertake Graphic designing and banner advertisements.

UV-LED printer (NEO Evolution) and UV; solvent inks for wide format printing ("sunflower" and "NANOiNK" respectively). It launched first time in Bahrain wide format printer based on the LED technology of ink curing, which allows printing on a wide range of materials including wood, metal, plastic, glass, mirrors, banner and fabric.

Luxurious Glass counters and showroom cabins are our another attraction. We use 10 mm to 12 mm Tempered Glass for these purposes where we could engrave your LOGOS, texture the whole glass or print any colour sceneries on it. We shall convert your basic ideas into practical wonders.Etched Glass & Acid Textured glass provides perfect combination with wooden colour Aluminium Doors. AlReda specializes in all kinds of artistic glass works such as painted engraved, etched, grooved glass and mirror for showcases, domes door panels, ceilings, show room partitions etc.