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Al Reda Ceramics

Thinking of re-decorating? Look no further than ceramic Tiles for the inspiration to get you started on that dream kitchen, bathroom, wet room, living room or conservatory. From stylish porcelain and ceramic wall tiles, stunning stone and mosaic , to statement floors at afoordable prices.. go on treat yourself.

Al Reda ceramica offers its clients a versatile and quality product created using the latest technology. We take care of every detail. We believe in modern products easily adaptable to different clients. In our showrooms you could fin what you are looking for, collections with the last trends in fashion, more classic designs or funnier ones.

We import all types of tiles & bathroom sets and accessories and maily concentrate on sale of ceramic and porcelain tiles from spain, Italy, Brazil, India, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, China etc. Now with 38 years of experience in the market we can supply any make,model and size of wall and floor ceramic or porcelain tiles of any quantity from our ready store or books & supply.... special orders for vast quantities in a very short time, with competitive price.



Al Reda Digital Printing

Our new digital printing machine provides digital quality art on any plain surface of Glass, Aluminium, Metal, Wood or Laminated sheets of any size for Decorative purposes. CLients orders are handheld with high standard and perfection. We undertake Graphic designing and banner advertisements.

UV-LED printer (NEO Evolution) and UV; solvent inks for wide format printing ("sunflower" and "NANOiNK" respectively). It launched first time in Bahrain wide format printer based on the LED technology of ink curing, which allows printing on a wide range of materials including wood, metal, plastic, glass, mirrors, banner and fabric.

Luxurious Glass counters and showroom cabins are our another attraction. We use 10 mm to 12 mm Tempered Glass for these purposes where we could engrave your LOGOS, texture the whole glass or print any colour sceneries on it. We shall convert your basic ideas into practical wonders.Etched Glass & Acid Textured glass provides perfect combination with wooden colour Aluminium Doors. AlReda specializes in all kinds of artistic glass works such as painted engraved, etched, grooved glass and mirror for showcases, domes door panels, ceilings, show room partitions etc.

Al Reda Accessories

Wide range of Doors and Windows Aluminium Accessories from Global sources available with reasonable prices.

We supply a wide gamut of Aluminium profile & accessories, which are widely used in varied industrial applications. Our range is aesthetically selected specially for household purposes.

Al Reda accessories has been the provider and choice of retailers, wholesalers and contractors in the region. Al Reda Accessories brand is synonymous with excellence and the company at all times maintains the principles of integrity, and quality of varoius products.



Aluminium Windows & Doors

We offer free advice on interior decoration and designing of tiles and Aluminium. Our Aluminium department provides quality work using Bolexco-Bahrain Aluminium and Accessories approved bt the ministries.

Aluminium windows, doors, kitchen cabinets, stair & Balcon Rollings, purgolas, Frameless doors, Frameless shower cubicles are our routine works.

We started a steel and stainless steel fabrication section also to provide customers with steel decorated doors, and stainless steel stair and balcony railings.

Al Reda Stainless Steel

We have the potential and technique in the Fabrication, for traditional Methods and for creative, fresh approach to stainless steel. Our Team of professionals offer a single source for all of your stair related needs. Our mission is to service our customers by creating and delivering quality service, which is unique and valuable for long lasting relation. Handrails are expected to meet both structural safety and aesthetic requirements. Wrought moner steel handrails can deteriorate quickly in exterior or industrial installations with aggressive pollution and/or chloride exposure. In these environments, molybdenum-free Type 304 stainless steel handrails provide longer service life, but regular cleaning and/or coatings are required to maintain an attractive appearance.

More corrosion resistant type 316 stainless steel handrails, which contain 2% molybdenum, are the most cost effective choice in demanding environments. They requre minimal maintenance, no paint or coating and provide safety and an attractive appearance. In stainless steel, molybdenum improves resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion and is particulary helpful in preventing chloride damage. The growth potential for Type 316 stainless steel in aggressive exterior applications is significant and is not limited to handrails. Doors, canopies, store fronts, street furniture, bus shelters, trash cans, bicycle racks, security barriers, gates, fences, wall panels and column covers, all face the same corrosion challenges in salty or polluted environments.



Kitchen Cabinets

You're looking to install cabinets in a new or updated space in your home, you need to know the job will be done right. Better yet, you want to be delighted because your expectations have exceeded. Working with us means having our professional, experienced team on your side every step of the way, ensuring your project remains within budget and on schedule.
Here is a sample of what you can expect when you work with us:

  • Free Design Service : Experienced designers who will create highly detailed and accurate designs.
  • First Class Showrooms: Spacious showrooms that make selecting your cabinets, countertops and hardware easy Industry leading limited lifetime warranty home delivery: Complete home deliveries that are on time.
  • Outstanding Service: Includes regulat project updates, expert installation, and a comprehensive walk-through and inspection process.

You can trust Al Reda to take care of the details. Come by one of our showrooms today and discover the difference 40 years in the industry can make for your next cabinetry project.

Swing Gates

Swing gates open with a rotation around a fulcrum, just like an ordinary door. When the gate's doors open, they usually turn inward thus requiring specific internal space. Simple and practical solutions, developed to improve your well-being at home: a wide range of systems for the automation of doors, gates, awnings, barriers, rolling shutters and now also alarm systems. All the products are compatible; ideal both in new buildings and in all types of restoration work, to create a coordinated automation system in any type of home, office, hotel and public building. Systems designed to offer you and your home maximum safety and freedom of movement, avoiding the risks typical of non-automated systems. Your children can play safely in the garden, your pets are kept away from the streets, allows you to park your car fast and safely; and the system continues to operate even if there is power failure. Being sure that everything is closed and protected.



Slide Gates

Sliding gates usually have a single door, which runs on a track with a ratchet. They require a long and narrow space fot the gate to slide along during the opening and closing phases. This type of gate is the ideal protection for wide entrances, entrances placed uphill or wherever the space inside the property is not sufficient to enable the opening of swing gates. Your children can play safely in the garden, your pets are kept away from the streets, allows you to park your car fast and safely; and the system continues to operate even if there is power failure. Being sure that everything is closed and protected.